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Looking to simplify your business or create a succession plan?

Columbia Wealth Advisors is an award-winning financial services program. Our team of over 40 financial professionals serve both businesses and individuals throughout the West. We've created a culture where advisors can thrive! 

Part of our growth plan involves the acquisition of assets and/or the addition of independent advisors or RIAs. We can explore the possibility of buying your book, or, if you prefer, we can bring you onto the team where you can run your practice as part of our program. We help simplify your life and eliminate many of the expenses you're  currently responsible for. We can even create a succession plan that will allow you to retire while unlocking the value of your practice.

Columbia Wealth Advisors will provide all the support and tools you need to succeed. As a team member you will have access to our operations and compliance departments. In addition, you'll be supported by an experienced assistant and our financial planning and insurance teams. 

To explore a possible sale or transition please reach out to a member of our management team:

Kevin Donovan
SVP, Director of Wealth

Stephen Poole
SVP, Program Manager